Asbestos Inspections



Who Needs Asbestos Report/ Inspection


If you are planning to:       


        -   Remodel

        -   Renovate

        -   Refurbish

        -   Demolish

        -   Alteration / Extension

        -   New Building


Commercial, Residential, Industrial Building within 5 borough of New York City you are required to hire an Asbestos Investigator to perform an investigation prior to your building permit.





*    Schedule and arrange with an asbestos inspector/ investigator to inspect premise.


*    Inspector/ investigator conducts asbestos assessment inspection.


*    Inspector/ investigator will collect "Bulk" samples as required by New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL).


*    "Bulk" samples taken will be analyzed by Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (ELAP) accredited



*    Laboratory analysis report will be generated and released to appropriate party providing that the lab results           

    turned out negative for asbestos presence.

      -   ACP 5 report (5 Borough only)
      -   Asbestos inspection report (All other NYS township)



Commonly Found Locations






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